Expected Impacts of Climate Change on New York By the End of this Century

The comprehensive report (600 pages) released yesterday by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority should open the eyes of some of the students in my oceanography class – many of whom grew up in New York City.  The report basically says that New York – and especially New York City – can expect to grow dramatically more vulnerable to flooding and heat waves by the end of the century due to climate change.  New York City subway tunnels are particularly vulnerable to flooding due to the combined effects of sea level rise and storm surge.  Here are some links to a few news articles about the report’s conclusions…

Cornell Chronicle Article
New York Times Article
Wall Street Journal Article

 And Here is Link to the Full Report: FULL_REPORT


This figure is from the Wall Street Journal Article linked above. It show New York City regions vulnerable to flooding by the combined effects of sea level rise and storm surge.


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